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New Inspector - Datto Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Matt Miller
  • Jun 1 2019
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing
Last Reviewed Date 2021-08-17
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  • Cary Wagner commented
    13 Oct 07:54pm

    Datto SaaS, period. Not just M365!

  • Guest commented
    27 Sep 04:31pm

    +1 for this

  • Mike Philipsen commented
    17 Mar 06:19am

    would love to see this in liongard!

  • Michael Boteler commented
    8 Feb 08:23pm

    Please don't let this one go stale!

  • David Perske commented
    17 Nov, 2020 12:23am

    we are a new Datto SAAS user but its expanding quickly. Monitoring is a gap for us. Would be very keen on this also.

  • Steve King commented
    26 Aug, 2020 06:01pm

    This would be very nice data for us to have in Roar! Hope to see this soon. We just had some price changes on the Backupify side, and tracking these licenses is becoming more important.

  • Patrick Louis-Jean commented
    21 Aug, 2020 09:22pm

    This would be brilliant - I belive the datto/backupify team are due to release a new API soon

  • Clifton Hamilton commented
    26 Sep, 2019 08:39pm

    We use the SaaS backup heavily, this would be very important to us too.

  • Guest commented
    31 Jul, 2019 03:55pm

    I would also like to see Datto SaaS Office365 Backup as either a new inspector or in addition to the current inspector.

  • Shawn Freeman commented
    4 Jul, 2019 03:46am

    Add in G-Suite support also.

  • +21