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Add 'Change Detection' Column Data to the Brightgauge "Detections" Dataset

Right now the "Detections" dataset that is in Brightgauge has all the data about the various changes that are detected across inspectors, but does NOT have the actual change data. This may have been a restriction due to formatting or perhaps the datasets would be too large?
If neither are true then this would make that dataset far more useful!

We use Brightgauge as our vehicle for ROI. So being able to show them the actual detections that Roar is seeing (for some things) automatically to a live gauge they can watch would be great!

Attached pictures, data from Picture 1 available as a datapoint in a gauge-chart like pictured in Picture 2.

  • Jared Miller
  • Jan 28 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-03-19
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