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Re-opened Alert tickets should have a fresh summary of what is not compliant

When a ticket is re-opened in ConnectWise, Lionguard fails to indicated the new count associated with the metric. For example, we have a metric for office365 to tell us about unused licensing. The ticket was re-opened indicating the issue has not been remediated, but does not include what licensing type or count is still found. Can this be added to the alert/response so our team knows what to look for exactly?

In other words, I want the ALERT COMMENTS to be part of the summary when the ticket is updated. This will enclose the details of the current count. Most clients have several types of licensing, and our response team needs to know what sort of licensing need to be investigated which changes the team assigned to complete that task.

Thank you.

  • Todd Metivier
  • Jan 26 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-03-19
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