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AD/M365 User Mapping to Autotask/Connectwise/KaseyaBMS Contacts and Client Portal

What this would look like:

  • We would configure AD with security groups that correlate to desired client portal permissions level and assign users accordingly.

  • Liongard would discover client portal permissions configured in Autotask (these are either default roles or custom set at the global level).

  • Liongard already discovers AD users and groups.

  • Configure Liongard mapping of specified AD security groups to discovered client portal permission levels.

  • Liongard automatically sync existing AT contacts with AD user by email address and provision Client Portal according to AD Security Group and create new Autotask contacts and provision client portal for any AD users that are not found in Autotask.

The integration feature Autotask released in late 2019 is kind of terrible. In order to deploy, it is necessary to install IIS roles and certificates on a Domain Controller and open traffic on the firewall for Autotask to connect directly to it. There are some obvious security concerns with making a Domain Controller Public facing not to mention the sheer hassle of it. We have never been able to get it to work well. Currently, we're spending several hundred dollars a month on a tool whose only purpose is to sync AD users to AT contacts and auto-provisions their Client Portal permissions.

Since Liongard already has all of the information necessary to do the same task, it would be a-ma-zing if you could be the bridge to get the information between systems.

  • Jessica Chindemi
  • Jan 14 2021
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-05-28