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Custom tables for Metric queries as readable CSVs

I'd like to be able to export metrics in full table form for easier exporting, auditing and proactive management of the returned data.

Although the tables in the UI will export nicely, this isn't the case when running the metrics at inspector level, and trying to compare or prioritise across multiples sites.


  • Device make, model, SN + registered user from azure inspector (RPM-I-925)

    • Good for audit and configuration item import into alternate systems

  • VM snapshot name and creation date

    • Good to identify oldest/troublesome snapshots across all sites

Having exportable CSV tables allows us as an MSP to create the custom metrics, and target those most affected when multiple results are returned, without having to export the tables individually per environment

  • Austin B [QuoStar]
  • Dec 8 2020
  • Planned
Last Reviewed Date 2022-10-21
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  • Adam Ramberg commented
    22 Apr, 2022 09:42pm

    I would highly agree that metrics into reports need to be more CSV export friendly. Excel is a great tool to build sorts, filters, pivot tables but the data export needs to be csv or xls friendly to avoid a ton of data manipulation needs post export.

  • Clark Baird commented
    29 Dec, 2021 07:40pm

    As already mentioned, having results get dumped into a table would be hugely beneficial. That way we can write a single, larger metric pulling a large data set of values and then filter based on the findings. Single pane of glass for a single inspector filtered down with a metric to ONLY the data we need.

    For example... it would allow us to query something like a firewall rule set, pull back all the values we want to know about, place them in a table and easily view and filter the data set.

  • Austin B [QuoStar] commented
    11 Dec, 2020 03:22pm

    When designing/building a new metric, there is an option to preview the results which puts the data into's just not CSV friendly.

    But still, having an export query results as table with all unique lines would be beneficial.