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Change Autodiscover Friendly Name Generation

When you install the Agent software the Autodiscover looks up/generates initial Inspectors using the Hostname of the Server, this sometimes conflicts if you have multiple customers with the same server name i.e. DC01

It might be beneficial to prefix the Autodiscover Inspector names with the "Roar Agent Name" which I believe needs to be unique

  • Jason Mainwaring
  • Sep 7 2020
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing
Last Reviewed Date 2021-06-10
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  • Carl Schneider commented
    2 Feb 08:57pm

    Creating a naming template for different types of discovered assets would be fantastic. For network equipment, we do: [Manufacturer] - [Site In Manage] - [Friendly Name]

    Being able to automate this would be great.

  • Sruli Wolff commented
    15 Jan 04:10pm

    Thanks Jason!

    The main issue here is the fact that if a duplicate exists, it just skips the discovery and you don't know anything about it until you start realising that inspectors are missing, at which point you need to look in the logs, etc...

    Two quick fixes I can think of for this:

    1. Allow the duplicates to show in the discoveries but not allow them to be 'added' until they are renamed to something unique.

    2. Do like windows does with duplicate file names, just auto-add a (1) to the end, etc... and let the user rename it themselves later.

    Either way, it needs more visibility to better enhance your auto-discover feature as that is one of the best sellers. Being told that the autodiscover does xyz....., and then having to add lots of your active-directory inspectors manually since a bunch of your clients main DC's are named DC1, is not a great start to trying to get the MSP to stay.