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Breakdown large "systems" into multiple "assets"

Some system inspectors - like Cisco Meraki, for example - land a single "system" payload that will contain data about many "assets".

This enhancement idea is to allow a single inspector like Cisco Meraki land sub-elements termed "assets", so one asset per switch, per firewall, per access point, etc.

  • Matt Miller
  • Apr 23 2019
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-08
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  • Jeremy Miller commented
    12 May 04:01pm

    This is a pretty big annoyance for us. I have changed the name of the flexible asset to something like "Meraki Networking and other Firewalls" for now.

  • Louis Sorace commented
    16 Feb, 2021 09:21pm

    I think I had posted a similar idea for Servers as well. The ability to have a server asset that has a roles list and then break down roles into their own asset that automatically relates back to the server they belong in would be a great tool. It would be cool to see shared drives as well.

    This would go a long way to improving the documentation piece, the info is already there it's just breaking it down which may require Liongard to break down how their inspectors report into smaller bits of data.

  • Alec Beckett commented
    17 Jun, 2019 11:23pm

    We use multiple Meraki Wifi Access Points but they all show up under firewall when syncing to ITglue. If this would breakdown the assets further or at least choose which assets should go into what in ITglue that would be great.