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Identify duplicated discovered Active Directory

When we roll out the windows agent to more than one domain controller in the same Active Directory (in the same environment), Roar is not able to realize, that the AD is already added on another DC.

Also the name "active-directory <domain>" would make much more sense than "active-directory <domain controller>"

  • Jonas Monzel
  • Aug 21 2020
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
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  • Admin
    Daniela Weisz commented
    28 Aug 07:09pm

    Hi Jonas, you are totally right the update we made to our auto-discovery is focused on de-deduplicating those inspectors on different Environments. Our support team flagged me on this and explained your specific use case in further detail. I've updated the status to accurately reflect this idea and we will continue to keep an eye out on this idea as more comments and votes come through. Have a great day!

  • Jonas Monzel commented
    28 Aug 06:02pm

    And yes, I still have the dupplicated record under discoverd systems. I will reach our support again.

  • Jonas Monzel commented
    28 Aug 06:00pm

    But then, this request is flagged wrong. It should be say "Shiped" instead of "Already exists". As I opened this idea a week ago, we run into this....

  • Jonas Monzel commented
    28 Aug 05:59pm

    Hi :)

    Support told me, this feature does not exists..... Who is right now?

  • Admin
    Daniela Weisz commented
    28 Aug 05:58pm

    Hi Jonas, we just shipped out an improvement to our auto-discovery feature to enhance how we de-duplicate Active Directory Inspectors. This should avoid having duplicate Inspectors in Roar in the first place. If you're seeing new duplicate Inspectors don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!