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Alerts on specific Sonicwall licenses

Can seperate metrics be created for specific licenses on a Sonicwall?
e.g. not all our customers have licenses for advanced features such as Premium content filter. we dont want to get alerts for that expiring. Also it would be good to have seperate metrics for both the support and security services so we get specific alerts for both.

  • andrew stafford
  • May 12 2020
  • Already exists
Last Reviewed Date 2021-07-27
  • Jun 29, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Everyone,

    There is a way to do this by creating your own Metric to isolate the license type and then going on and creating your own custom Alert using the Metric you just built! Based on the various license types you monitor it may be a bit time consuming so we will keep this idea open to see if other Partners would benefit in having some of these Alerts pre-built in Roar.

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  • Admin
    Addison Caldwell commented
    27 Jul, 2021 04:14pm


    Thank you for submitting this idea. I have a few Metric queries that should get you on the right track here:

    • LicenseStatus.SecurityServices[].join( ` `, [join(` `, [` `, to_string(SecurityService)]), join(` `, [`: `, to_string(SecurityStatus)])])

    • LicenseStatus.SupportServices[].join( ` `, [join(` `, [` `, to_string(SupportService)]), join(` `, [`: `, to_string(Status)])])

    • LicenseStatus.SecuritySuite[].join( ` `, [join(` `, [` `, to_string(SecurityService)]), join(` `, [`: `, to_string(SecurityStatus)])])

    If you'd like to scope these down to a specific License, you can remove the join statements, and with in the [] enter a "where clause" that filters the query to look at a specific license.

    Please let our support team if you need support with further customizing these Metric queries!

    Addison Caldwell, Product Analyst