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Auto detection of lan segments, wan addresses and the like from the initial agent inspector

The windows inspector would be greatly enhanced with an auto detection of things like the lan segment, resulting in automatically building out the lan inspector and build out of an as of yet to be created DHCP inspector.

It should also do the same for any detected wan address. If installed on a domain controller, it should trigger a query against sites and services and use that to build out network inspectors.

The lan inspector should then be able to detect vmware instances installed on the network to help auto onboard that

There's a ton of utility available, if some of the automation was improved around that first agent deployment.

All of these things additions are able to be queried through powershell, so it shouldn't be that hard to add it in. For example, sites and services can be queried via get-adreplicationsubnet

  • Kyle Elliott
  • Apr 14 2020
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-05-28
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  • Kyle Elliott commented
    14 Apr, 2020 05:07pm

    Also to add with result of lan auto discovery

    Switch discovery and build out

    Firewall discovery and build out

    Linux systems discovery

    Printer discovery (for non print server environments) - new inspector to go with this for printers?

    LAN detected file shares - new inspector to go with this for file servers?

    Detected synology NAS's