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Add the ability to filter data being pushed to ConnectWise Configurations

When data is pushed from Roar into ConnectWise configs for Active Directory (for example) Roar determines what gets pushed/populated.  If we could filter that data to only include certain conditions, we could then bill correctly on that data.  The idea here is that things like service accounts and such could be excluded so that customers will only get billed for "actual" user numbers.

  • Ty Smith
  • Feb 18 2020
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-05-06
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  • Vaishali Ravi commented
    13 Jul, 2020 07:18pm

    From Judy Dinglasan (Varsity Technologies) -- would be helpful to get history on when computers have logged in users have logged in, last IP address, last connected, etc.