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Allow email and ticketing notifications for failed Inspectors, Agents, etc.

  • Matt Miller
  • Apr 7 2019
  • Already exists
Last Reviewed Date 2021-04-05
  • Jun 8, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Everyone,

    With the release of Custom Actionable Alerts, you are able to create your own alerts if you would like to get notified of Agents failures or Inspector failures.
    To do this:

    1. Roll out the Roar Inspector

    2. Review the current Metrics that exist in our library for failed Inspectors and Failed Agents (Example Metrics: "Roar: Agents Without Heartbeat in Last 24 Hours List" & "Failed SonicWall Launchpoint(s) List"

    3. Create any additional Metrics for the Systems you'd like to get alerted on if they fail

    4. Set up your Actionable Alerts using the Metrics you've set up.

    We know there is additional work to be done to make this a better experience and we hope to address this in the future as Partner demand for this idea increases. In the meantime, try out building your own alerts!

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  • Admin
    Addison Caldwell commented
    27 Apr, 2021 08:15pm

    Hello, all!

    Thank you for taking the time to vote for &/or comment on this idea! What you're asking for should already be possible via the Roar Inspector that is in Preview in your instances right now. Here's the documentation on how to set it up.

    Also, here are some Metrics to get you started:

    • Roar Inspector: Count of Failed Launchpoints (Inspectors): Launchpoints[?LastRunStatus==`Failed` && Enabled==`true`].Alias | length(@)

    • Roar Inspector: List of Failed Launchpoints (Inspectors): Launchpoints[?LastRunStatus==`Failed` && Enabled==`true`].Alias

    • Roar: Agents Without Heartbeat in Last 24 Hours Count: Agents[?HoursSinceLastHeartbeat > `24`] | length(@)

    • Roar: Agents Without Heartbeat in Last 24 Hours List: Agents[?HoursSinceLastHeartbeat > `24`].join(``, [Name, `, Last Heartbeat:`, LastHeartbeat]) | join( `|` , @)

    • Roar Inspector: Count of Discovered Launchpoints (Inspectors): Launchpoints[? Status == `Discovered:Unconfigured` || Status == `Discovered:Configured`].Alias | length(@)

    • Roar Inspector: List of Discovered Launchpoints (Inspectors): Launchpoints[? Status == `Discovered:Unconfigured` || Status == `Discovered:Configured`].Alias

    You can use these Metrics to create custom Alerts (documentation), so that you can get visibility into if there are critical changes in your Liongard instance, without having to log-in to Liongard to have seen that! Wait, isn't that the purpose of Liongard?! Haha - why, yes!

    Please let our support team know if you have any questions here, or need a variation of one of these Metrics to meet your needs.

    Addison Caldwell, Product Analyst

  • Jason Vanzin commented
    12 May, 2020 10:48pm

    This would be a big benefit. Inspectors do not do any good if you don't know they aren't working.

  • Guest commented
    4 May, 2020 04:19pm

    From Dave Bryenton:

    It would be really helpful if that alert was associated with the Environment in which the Agent is installed.

    It almost seems to me that the ROAR inspector should be more of a Parent/Child inspector than the way it is now.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan, 2020 09:52pm

    As a user, I'd like an alert for all the failed inspections/agents tied to an environment. So 1 ticket would land for each environment. I'd like to see this in Roar first to test what this looks like and then figure out if this is the best way for our team to work these things.