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IT Glue - Allow for mapping between Roar systems and existing ITG assets

To enable persistent, automated linking between existing Flexible Assets and FAs landed by Roar.

  • Matt Miller
  • May 29 2019
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing
Last Reviewed Date 2022-03-21
  • Nov 19, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, we understand further automation in linking data together in our platform integrations is a major ask from our partners and we are currently conducting user research on how to make this a smoother experience. If you have any further feedback please comment away!

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  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2021 06:58pm

    Adding my vote to this. Liongard is an amazing tool but it is extremely annoying that it insists on making its own duplicate flexible asset types for everything. All the other tools that API-link to IT Glue (Kaseya, Automate, Auvik, etc) map to the default FATs. The only option with Liongard is create a duplicate parallel set of everything and that kinda defeats the purpose of having an awesome smart tool. Please please please add this.

  • Chris Moller commented
    15 Jan, 2021 03:33pm

    2021 upvote. Add it please, 131 votes, and people don't know what they are missing ... : P

  • andrew stafford commented
    31 Dec, 2020 02:10pm

    This would help us a lot. We have the same item e.g. VMWare esxi host coming in from 2 different places e.g. Auvik and Roar, both with different information on. Its a bit confusing.

  • Jeremy Hodge commented
    21 Mar, 2020 12:02am

    Just to add a bit to this, it would be nice if we could write a query to pull records from the data print and map them to (or create from roar) a flexible asset type - for example - I'd like to be able to, for a watchguard firewall for example, map this to an existing flexible asset that describes the firewall, etc., but then I'd also like to be able to map each rule to a flexible asset as in some cases we want to maintain a list of the active firewall rules and a business case for each of those rules as well. It would be nice basically if we could use something similar to the metrics engine to create these.

  • Josh Weiss commented
    10 Jul, 2019 11:19pm


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