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Ability to inspect ubiquiti's cloud access portal

We manage all of our unifi controllers in there.

  • Guest
  • Dec 18 2019
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-06-29
  • Dec 26, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on this idea. We think this is a good idea and has the potential to turn into a new Inspector. We'll be keeping our eyes on this idea for additional upvotes and feedback.

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  • Guest commented
    28 Jul 05:50pm


  • Guest commented
    27 Jul 04:58pm

    Need it. We are using unifi for all of our clients.

  • Steve Abraham commented
    16 Jul 02:30am

    Cloud integration is a must. I currently have 3 systems being monitored and would very much like to be able to integrate Liongard.

  • Matt Forman commented
    13 Jul 09:14pm

    Cloud integration very much needed.

  • Todd Harter commented
    12 Jul 04:42am


    This would be good to have

  • Elijah Lutjen commented
    30 Jun 08:00pm

    Very good idea, must have for us big MSP's

  • Stephen Jenkins commented
    10 Jun 10:24pm

    Has there been any movement on this?

  • Bill Morgan commented
    10 Jun 09:17pm

    Another vote from PTG on this one!

  • Guest commented
    11 May 01:51pm

    This would be amazing to have. We have all of our clients using cloud keys and this would benefit us greatly

  • Guest commented
    18 Mar 08:38pm

    This would greatly simplify monitoring, we have clients who don't have anyway to monitor internally

  • Ray Abrahams commented
    20 Feb 01:29pm

    Managing 50+ unifi cloud keys, this would be a massive help to me and my team.

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 10:49am

    would love this

  • Michael Duke commented
    2 Feb 07:18pm

    Would love to have this also

  • WILLIAM PETERS commented
    13 Jan 07:23pm

    Great Idea. Any progress on this?

  • Bill Knox commented
    4 Jan 07:26pm

    I think this is right in line with the rest of the inspectors; great potential!

  • Tom Schrader commented
    24 Dec, 2020 10:54pm

    Would love this.

  • Linwood Wright commented
    8 Dec, 2020 04:19pm

    yes this really needs to happen

  • Ashley Weir commented
    16 Oct, 2020 07:22pm

    This would be a great idea. Please make this happen.

  • Bill Knox commented
    13 Oct, 2020 09:01pm

    Would definitely be a great inspector

  • Stephen Jenkins commented
    26 Aug, 2020 04:23pm

    Voting with Comment and wondering if there has been any movement on this.

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