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whitelist alerts

From the recent email from Muchelle Sawa for new options;



  • Active Directory now lets you exclude users from stale password Alerts! 



whilst I am really happy with this option. I beleive it is a bit wrong wat arround. opening up ActiveDirectory within the customers site to add an user to an excludelist.... 

I would love to have tha ability to 'whitelist' alerts from the alert page instead. 

Being able to whitelist/mute alerts from the alert-page opens up the posibility to whitelist/mute alot more than only Active Directory alerts, but automatically allowes one to whitelist alerts from O365, Duo Security and so forth... 


I have mentioned this in a phone call with Kacey Backer-Haley and he agreed to this being a added value.

please have a chat with Kacey and think about this.


thanks in advance!




  • Jacob Moret
  • Dec 13 2019
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-03-22
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