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Ability to sync & format custom Metrics to IT Glue

I've recently been working on pulling specific information from a Fortigate Firewall and I wanted to push this information into IT Glue as a table/text, currently this isn't possible which limits our ability to format metrics that pull mulitple object items cleanly, for example:


I want to pull certain information from a Fortgate Firewalls LAN Interface configuration so I wrote the following JMES query:



Interfaces[?role=='lan'].join(' - ', [alias,ip,macaddr]) | join(' | ', @)


Output: ("-" seperates keys and "|" seperates objects)

"DATA_LAN - - e8:1c:ba:18:7b:c9 | Voice_LAN - - e8:1c:ba:18:7b:cb"


Which is great, I get all the information I need but unfortunately I have to dig through Roar to find this inside the organizations' Metrics, we would prefer to have the ability to include this inside IT Glue's Flexible asset fields so that this can be viewed easially inside of IT Glue.


This would not only apply to Fortigate Metrics but to all Metrics so we can push custom sets of data into IT Glue.


If any of this doesn't make sense please ask me any questions and I can hopefully clarify.

  • Charlie Maddex
  • Nov 27 2019
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