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Custom SNMP Community and SNMPv3 Credentials

Current network discovery only allows Public Community String. Would be great to use custom Community string or SNMPv3 credentials

  • Monbill Fung
  • Oct 21 2019
  • Planned
  • Dec 17, 2019

    Admin Response

    Hi everyone,

    We understand the request here and do plan to improve the Network Discovery inspector to allow for intake of data from richer sources of data like SNMP. Making that inspector gather and present useful data from SNMP will involve a little bit more than just allowing for a customizable community string plugged into the existing inspector, but we are thinking through the best approach. We'll send updates here as we move forward on this idea.

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  • Guest commented
    27 Mar 07:29pm

    This is also something that I would like to see, We change all the SNMP communtiy strings as a standard, it would be nice if they could be changed in there to be pulled in as well.

  • Admin
    Daniela Weisz commented
    3 Mar 09:41pm

    Hi Jacob, this is something we hope to make progress on throughout the year. We're currently focused on other initiatives such as our custom Actionable Alerts and shipping new Inspectors. We'll update this status once we have a little more information on the path forward here!

  • Jacob Moret commented
    13 Jan 09:39am

    hi Guys, is there any news available on this topick?



  • Jacob Moret commented
    29 Nov, 2019 09:46am

    I Agree, per site per customer custom strings would be very nice. right now it's useless to us.