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iDRAC Inspector to Production

It would be extremely useful if the agent could regularly poll the status of a servers hardware using the iDRAC interface to create tickets for hardware failures.

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  • Oct 16 2019
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-15
  • Dec 13, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on this idea! We do believe this idea has the potential to turn into an Inspector. We'll be keeping our eyes on this idea for additional upvotes and feedback.

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  • Ryan Belarmino commented
    10 Dec, 2021 09:52pm

    Liongard should be able to pull data's from IDRAC via SNMP.

  • Austin B [QuoStar] commented
    14 Oct, 2021 09:00am

    Is there an update to this? are we likely so see a lab or beta version soon?

    There are more and more BIOS security vulnerabilities coming through which this inspector would help identify.

  • Brett Weese commented
    29 Jun, 2021 07:37pm

    This would be very valuable for a lot of our clients and we would very much appreciate it becoming a part of the Liongard suite.

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