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Allow for setting a default schedule for an inspector type, and have that apply to all future inspectors of that type that I create

I don't want to have to set the inspector schedule each time I add an inspector, eg a SonicWall. I just want Roar to know when and how often I want those to run by default, and I'll adjust it if it's an edge case.


This should apply when I'm activating discoveries, as well as when I am just creating a new inspector manually.

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  • Oct 11 2019
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-01-07
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  • Adrian De La Mora commented
    26 May, 2022 12:06am

    To add to this. I am having problems with inspectors failing because there are too many inspectors running at the same time, making this request nice to have, but unltimately a cause of failures. We should NOT have to load balance the service for liongard. If there is insufficient resources, the inspectors should either re-schedule, or delay until there is sufficient resources available. (could you imagine if we had to load balance Exchange online tasks for M365 while PAYING for that service?!)

  • Ed Million commented
    9 Jun, 2021 12:15pm

    Being able to define a default inspector time and frequency would be extremely helpful, especially with inspectors where we have several hundred entries.