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Track Sonicwall AGSS or CGSS services being turned on of off

We have technicians who turn services off during troubleshooting and don't always get turned back on. Especially when the problem can take days to troubleshoot (intermittent problem).


The technician may turn off Gateway Antivirus or Content Filtering or other related services. If LionGard can track it we cango back through revisions to see what was done. 


We would want to know that they were turned off and would want to know to turn them back on, so an optional alert would notify our PSA that they change was done and can be tracked.




BTW I put a ticket in to see if this was possible but was told its a good idea and to send it here.

Ticket RSD-3760 

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  • Sep 27 2019
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
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