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New Platform Integration - Kaseya BMS

Kaseya BMS PSA integration - tickets and configuration items

  • Vincent Tran
  • Jul 27 2019
  • Shipped
Last Reviewed Date 2021-02-04
  • Mar 9, 2021

    Admin response

    Hey all of our Kaseya BMS users, rest assured that we will have the ticketing portion of this integration out in a pending release. Development is underway, we just jumped the gun a little bit in marking this idea as fully "Shipped". We're not done yet!

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  • Admin
    Paige Kovar commented
    9 Mar 03:41pm

    Hi Gary, thanks for the feedback. We had a lot of internal discussion around tagging a new integration as Preview if Ticketing is not included in the initial integration release. We will be doing that going forward. But also know we are actively working on releasing the Ticketing feature for Kaseya - coming soon!

  • Gary Greenwell commented
    9 Mar 03:02am

    Bit half Arsed to be honest. WOW we can import our accounts to Roar. hardly an integration. When is proper Ticket integration going to be available. Do we have to propose a whole new Idea?. This should have been placed as a beta release not shipped..

  • Colin Hubert commented
    22 Jan 10:26pm

    Agree with comments below.

  • Kevin Peterson commented
    30 Jul, 2020 07:15pm

    This is needed. Kaseya has been purchasing many tools used by many MSPs. More companies will be using BMS. We need full integration for tickets to be created in BMS from Gard.

  • Arno Nym commented
    6 Jun, 2020 10:19am

    Please work on a BMS integration, we could really use it. I also think it could give you more exposure in the Kaseya ecosystem.