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Office 365 Inspector - Information about Shared Mailboxes

It would be great to have more detailed information about shared mailboxes

  • Guest
  • Jul 25 2019
  • Shipped
Last Reviewed Date 2022-01-09
  • Nov 20, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, we've looked into the feasibility of gathering this data and for the time being Microsoft's graph API does not support bringing back this information. We'll keep this idea open and continue to explore other possibilities.

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  • Dave Ewall commented
    27 Oct 02:25pm

    For anybody out there who could use this... I believe this attribute was added to the User object:

    userPurpose == `shared`, `user` (and possibly others)

    so now you can check for shared mailboxes by filtering for this.

  • Dave Ewall commented
    26 Sep 03:11pm

    Was this shipped? Just got a notification for it, but don't see any details.

  • Rick den Ouden commented
    27 Jun 09:06am

    Hi, whats the latetst status of this idea?

  • Maryne R commented
    21 Dec, 2021 06:34pm

    Any ETA on the 'Recipient Type' info?

  • Carlos Perez commented
    1 Nov, 2021 02:32pm

    Being able to Audit users with delegated permissions, as well as mailboxes, with the delegated permissions would be great.

  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2021 04:31pm

    +1 for this

  • Alexander in 't Veld commented
    13 Sep, 2021 11:43am

    I'm looking for the result of 'Get-Mailbox -Filter {recipienttypedetails -eq "SharedMailbox"} | Get-Mailboxpermission' in a metric. Just like members for a group.

  • Stephen Jenkins commented
    14 Jul, 2021 05:20pm

    Has there been any movement on this since 2019? Would love to see this feature!

  • Scott Davis commented
    21 Apr, 2021 08:13pm

    Inside M365 Mailboxes is the "Recipient Type" UserMailbox or SharedMailbox simply being able to source that will help identify what mailboxes are Shared - Liongard is already pooling the mailbox data such as size and other data. Just missing that tag.

  • Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2019 10:56am

    This would be a great addition

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