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Custom API Access Token name

Access Tokens - Need ability to name these Tokens.  I generate a new token for each agent, and need to keep track of what token is for what agent so if I remove an agent I can remove the token.

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  • Jul 15 2019
  • Future Consideration
  • Jul 15, 2019

    Admin response

    We are looking at adding a central screen in Roar to see all generated tokens, and giving the ability to name them also is a good idea.

    But - we should give some additional context here as well because this isn't as necessary as it seems with how Roar's API "access tokens" work.

    The API "Access Tokens" that you generate and use during the Agent install process don't need to be generated or tracked for each agent install. A single token can be used to install many agents, and revoking a token used to register an agent will not break that agent's association to Roar.

    The API tokens are scoped per-user because those tokens are essentially "API passwords" that allow the same level of interaction with the Roar API that the generating user is permitted to have.

    One thing that you can do by interacting with our API (via the agent installer) is register an Agent with Roar. But that registration process negotiates persistent agent-specific security settings that are not tied to the tokens used for the initial install/registration of that agent. The tokens given to the installer are used once to get the agent registered - but they are not saved or ever used again by that agent during day-to-day operation.

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