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Windows Server Sub Groups/Sub Inspectors

Could we possibly have some sub groups/sub inspectors within the Windows Server inspectors, so we could group specific servers together.

An example of this would be print servers. Have a sub group within Windows Servers we could move our servers to, the inspector can still function as normal, but when doing things with API we could query just print servers.

For us, we have alot of servers, and the server data print pulls alot of information, so when trying to build reports in PowerBI im often waiting 30 - 40 minutes for it to just refresh the data, when it doesn't need to query the metric on probably 90% of the servers.

Other group suggestions could be:

Remote Desktop Servers

File Servers

Im sure theres more, but these are just what i can think of off the top of my head

  • Matt Scutt
  • Mar 22 2023
  • Needs Review
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