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Onedrive Sync Issues

Microsoft has released a dashboard into preview for monitoring Onedrive sync agents in a customer's endpoints.

The amount of issues we run into with sync clients and shortcuts is pretty high, and most of the time, the users don't say anything we happen to notice when dealing with another support request.

As this feature moves from preview into GA, I think it would be amazing to have an LG alert on when there are issues with the OneDrive sync client to enable our support teams to be proactive when an issue with a sync client has been identified.

The alerting will need to be configurable to specify how long a sync issue should be present before generating that alert.

  • Guest
  • Oct 21 2022
  • Needs Review
  • Attach files
  • Jai Dametto commented
    12 Dec, 2022 11:30pm


    We had an event that caused us to rethink how we deal with OneDrive. After seeing MS failed to deliver a decent dashboard. I created my own Powershell that we deploy through our RMM. If you are on DattoRMM you can download and integrate from the Community Comstore, This deals with a duplicate sync issue but we are now investigating a health report through the RMM as well (I think that is where it should be over Liongard).

    If not, I have attached the Powershell script for this. (May need to be modified for your situation and obviously use with care).

    Hope it helps.