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AD Group Policy Inspector

  • Matt Miller
  • Apr 7 2019
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-15
  • Dec 17, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, we have recently added additional data about Group Policy to the Active Directory inspector itself so please have a look at that if you haven't recently. We are leaving this idea open to gather and evaluate additional feedback on what more data we need to add and if it may warrant a standalone inspector.

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  • Adam Galfskiy commented
    10 Oct, 2022 10:31am

    would be great to see it do a similar thing to the DNS tracker - e.g. select a GPO and view the changes and HTML output of the policy settings at each date of change. Being able to trigger alerts when specific policies are changed would also be advantageous too

  • Guest commented
    16 May, 2022 09:34pm

    I'd like to see actual group policy settings detailed. Specific examples would be letter assignment, share name, and item level targeting for drive mappings or printer mappings. Full details for folder redirection policies, etc.

  • Jason Comstock commented
    22 Jan, 2022 04:09pm

    Would like to see that the AD account that made the change is listed.

  • John Larger commented
    20 Jan, 2022 09:16pm

    Changes of actual Group Policy Settings would be very helpful.

    For example, we recently had someone make changes to the Default Policy that including setting specific authentication security settings.

    Liongard told us that the policy had changed and the modified time, but it didn't tell us what specific settings were modified and from what and to what.

  • matt longenecker commented
    22 Nov, 2021 08:24pm

    Please add group policy preferences to the items collected from GPOs

  • Richard Rocamora commented
    1 Nov, 2019 06:47am

    Very hand indeed. especially to know what the winning GPO is per OU or Group and its members by relation.

  • Nathan Cane commented
    13 Jun, 2019 04:57am

    This would be very handy for us.

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