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Report on selected O365 Security Group and its membership

I have security groups that distinguish a email only user or a full managed seat user. Just seeing the users and licenses it too manual when you have a large tenant. For Accounting/billing/ invoicing purposes I would like to see a report that shows the Security Group I want and its members. It can be a metric and a report

  • Guest
  • Sep 10 2022
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-11-11
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  • Admin
    Daniela Weisz commented
    16 Nov 02:52pm

    Hey Steve, do these metric queries get you close to what data you'd like to capture?

    The first query will allow you to return the users for a specific Security Group.
    1. Groups.ActiveGroups[?displayName == `YourSecurityGroupName`].members[].[displayName, userPrincipalName]

    The second allows you to return the users for all Security Groups.

    2. Groups.ActiveGroups[?displayName].members[].[displayName, userPrincipalName]