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OKTA - Active User Count and Status

Is there any way to grab the API from OKTA and work with a engineer on getting those stats and statuses.

  • Josh Baughman
  • Apr 20 2022
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-06-01
  • Jun 1, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for this submission! We are not currently adding new inspectors to our immediate roadmap, but we will continue to monitor this suggestion's demand for future integrations.

    To assist us with assessing value please feel free to add any use cases for this potential inspector in the comment section!

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  • Josh Baughman commented
    1 Jun 07:37pm

    Use Case #2 - Billing on demand audit.

    Using our ticketing system and billing system that we can API to and from we have been able to isolate Contract status daily refresh as they change. This is great for 2 reasons.

    First, if they have bought the service and anything other than 100% of the users are actually using they service than we might be charging wrong or there is something being missed.

    Second, if the are no longer paying for the service but they have users in the OKTA or any other MFA portal than they are getting something for free possibly.

    Both are a benefit to every layer of business from security, billing, engineering, and audit.

  • Josh Baughman commented
    1 Jun 07:32pm

    User Case #1 - On Demand Audit and Alerting outside of what is provided by OKTA.

    As an MSP we provide multiple MFA solutions mainly do to our customers obviously having different requirements and budgets. We would like to be able to view all users of all clients to ensure that in some way across 4 different MFA's they can purchase are in fact using some form of protection.

    Also in regards to OKTA there is obviously individual alerts per account for lock outs and other items but barring a full blown SIEM there is no real way to look for Bulk changes as well as historical changes. Using a good inspector would let us use the power BI we currently have to set thresh holds and set up incremented reports based on both time and % of change.

  • Kyle Falany commented
    1 Jun 07:11pm

    Okta is a huge player in the IDP and Idenitity-as-a-Service field that we use for a large amount of our clients. Monitoring current users, group and application assignment, as well as currently configured applications would be beneficial to have within Liongard. Okta is MSP friendly, so it could work well with the parent/child relationship already in use by other inspectors within Liongard. Adding an inspector for Okta would be extremely beneficial for all MSPs and other companies utilizing the identity provider