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Create a Datto SaaS (Backupify) Inspector

Datto is supported, but not the SaaS backup. We need the list of users and different assets that are backed up.

  • Daniel McNaught
  • Oct 20 2021
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-14
  • Attach files
  • Ricky Cobb commented
    3 Oct 06:54pm

    I would also like to pull in this data for billing reconciliation with Gradient.

  • Eddie Henderson commented
    11 Aug 01:47pm

    This would be a great inspector. This would give us a way to automate failures and license mismatches thus saving us time errors.

  • Damien Samios commented
    4 May 09:51pm

    As Dave has mentioned, reporting on Archived users and failures would be of great value. Also for site that does not have auto-add enabled a current license count /user list would be helpful -

  • Dave Ewall commented
    26 Apr 01:41pm

    This would be nice, so we can report on Archived Users during QBRs, among other things, like failures.