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Ability to Archive an Environment (Customer)

As our customers leave us, the only two options we presently have are:

  1. Delete the environment & lose all client data

  2. Leave the environment present, disable inspectors

Neither of which are particularly good solutions, and don't address these realities:

  • Customers who have a tendency to exit and return to service, any configured inspector may save time bringing them back into service.

  • Retained data on prior customers has helped customers come back into service / save relationships / create new relationships

  • Engineers have to look at/sort through environments when there is no visible indicator of customer's service status

Ultimately, I'm looking for an "archive" function that can both auto-disable configured inspectors as well as place the environment into a state where it is not visible in the Environments list. I want the ability to un-archive that customer, should they return to service and attempt to salvage configured inspectors to speed along reimplementation.

This solution should also hide any archived customer from an inspector's main view. A toggle for "show archived customers" may help some customers.

  • Travis McMurry
  • Aug 27 2021
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing
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