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Office 365 Inspector - Show MFA status per-user

  • Matt Miller
  • Jun 1 2019
  • Under consideration
  • Oct 2, 2019

    Admin Response

    This per-user MFA enablement data has generally not been available in the Microsoft Graph API.

    It does appear that it is now available, but only for those accounts holding an Azure AD Premium P1 license. We are looking at surfacing that data in cases where we can access it and surfacing a warning message otherwise.

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  • andrew stafford commented
    15 Aug 13:26

    This could help with the alerts also. We like the alerts that alert on MFA not being enabled for certain users but it does not show which users.  

  • Vaughn Snyders commented
    01 Oct 18:34

    This is becoming a key security requirement and would be nice to report and alert on it. 

  • Josh Kelly commented
    02 Oct 21:49

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