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Roar | Launchpoints count under Environment array

Objective: The Roar inspector data print has an array called Environments within this array their is another array labeled "Launchpoints". Currently the Launchpoints array returns 0 for any and all environments even if their are active LP's in the environment

Benefit of this fix: Allowing the total launchpoint count to be captured and returned under the Environments array will allow you to create a more wide reaching metric to return this information. If you want to keep track of client onboarding and their progress this will let you create a single metric to pull this data with the respective counts.

Current possible solutioin:

We can create metrics with hard coded enviornment counts using something like "Launchpoints[?Environment.Name == (environment name here] | length(@)"

But the draw back to this is having to create a new metric for each new client that is onboarded.

  • Austin Unger
  • Jun 4 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
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