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O365 - Security & Compliance data

We would like the O365 inspector to pull information from the Microsoft Security and Compliance center. Being able to audit rules and alerts which are enabled would be amazing. As this would generally be a security standard which is set across hundreds of customers.

  • Nick Dechnik
  • Jun 2 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-25
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  • Steve Meek commented
    25 Jul 07:15pm

    Here are my brainstorm ideas, in case anyone more hands on daily than I, can feed off a starting point.


    public DNS server location

    DNS name registrar location

    Email domains configured

    SPF check

    DKIM check

    DMARC check

    If AD Connect is configured and in place (sync settings)

    MFA configured (can it check for non-MS MFA)

    MFA users enabled/disabled

    Any conditional access settings (user risk conditional access policy?

    Sign-in risk policy enabled

    Legacy protocol authentication blocked?

    GlobalAdmin user list (other privileged accounts?)

    GlobalAdmin last password change

    Users with Do not expire passwords set

    Default Azure AD Password Policy (non integrated)

    User ability to create app passwords

    Check if GlobalAdmin is a daily email user

    Safe attachment settings

    Safe Link settings

    Anti-phishing settings

    External email tagging configured?

    Any mail forwarding rules (or all mail flow rules)

    Email encryption settings configured?

    Preset security policies (standard, strict or custom)

    Unified audit log enabled?

    Alert Policy enabled?

    Continuous access evaluation?

    MS Teams policy settings

    Shared mailbox sign-in blocked

    Self-Service Password Reset configured

    Idle session timeout enabled

    List of OAuth applications

    App discovery policy

    Lockbox feature enabled

    Enabled DLP policies/ retention labels

    eDiscovery cases

    InTune Compliance policy names and settings

  • Admin
    Jared Henry commented
    25 Jul 04:47pm

    Hi everyone, thank you for voting on this idea submission. We are currently in the process of reviewing this request, however we would like more information regarding functionality before moving forward. To help paint the picture, please feel free to comment expected data values and potential use cases below!

    This well help us determine any potential limitations, and create a feature that achieves your goals.