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Unify how Hypervisor & Windows PSA configurations reflect Roar Data

As both of these inspectors deal with both physical and software aspects of a server, they each handle the reporting of that information slightly differently when synced as a PSA configuration. Ideally, these would follow the same logical format so our PSA tools can utilize that data either natively or with PSA plugins.

Use Case:

Our company uses ConnectWise Manage PSA and a tool called WarrantyMaster to harvest hardware make/serial numbers to ensure server hardware is covered under warranty and process renewals as needed.

The Problem:

Variation in where/how data is presented or the data itself is not presented in the configuration. In all cases, Roar contains the requisite the data. The Hypervisor (Auto) and Server (Auto) configurations vary in how the same data is presented in these configuration types. In the case of the Hypervisor (Auto) configuration, the Serial Number is not actually a host's serial number. Therefore we cannot get Hardware Warranty data on that device.

Hypervisor (Auto) Configuration:

In CW Manage Configuration, in the "Configuration Details" pane, the "Model Number" is "VMware ESXi" or some derivative. The Serial Number is currently the ESXi host's OS/Feature activation key. The "Manufacturer" data is absent. In "Configuration Questions" the host serial number is absent. In Roar, these data points are present. This differs from Servers (Auto) where physical server data is listed in the "Details" pane, while OS/software is listed in "Questions."

Server (Auto) Configuration:

In CW Manage Configuration, in the "Configuration Details" pane, the "Model Number" and "Manufacturer" data is absent. The Serial number is usually correctly listed. In Roar, the data print shows SystemInfo -> MachineModel usually contains valid data as well as SystemInfo -> MachineManufacturer. All other OS related info listed in "Configuration Questions."

The Fix:

Align the following ConnectWise Manage Configuration-to-Roar data fields:

Configuration Details Pane
Hypervisor (Auto) -> Manufacturer -> Roar ESXi Host field "Manufacturer"
Hypervisor (Auto) -> Model Number -> Roar ESXi Host field "Hardware Model"
Hypervisor (Auto) -> Serial Number -> Roar ESXi Host field "Hardware Serial"
Server (Auto) -> Manufacturer -> Roar Windows Host Field SystemInfo->MachineManufacturer
Server (Auto) -> Model Number -> Roar Windows Host Field SystemInfo->MachineModel
Server (Auto) -> Serial Number -> Roar Windows Host Field SystemInfo->SerialNumber

Configuration Questions Pane
Hypervisor (Auto) -> "Hypervisor Name" -> Roar ESXi Hypervisor field "Product"
Hypervisor (Auto) -> "Hypervisor Version" -> Roar Hypervisor Fields *

* This replaces the "Host OS Version" field. Roar reported the major & minor OS versions, depending on how Roar captures this data from hypervisor. In ESXi's case that would be joining the Version, Update, and Patch fields into one number. For example Version 6.0.0. Update 3. Patch 57 would become 6.3.57. Hyper-V will likely report one value such as SystemInfo->Version.

  • Travis McMurry
  • Apr 14 2021
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-01-07
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