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SharePoint / Google Drive / OneDrive - Needs PSA Configuration & IT Glue Flexible Asset

Currently, there's no PSA Configuration or IT Glue Flexible Assets for SharePoint, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

Taking this one at a time... For PSA tools, it would make sense to have an absolute minimum of information that can make known that one or more of these cloud data storage services exist and are in use. The link in the configuration can take a user to Roar for all of the gory details, which is how the vast majority of Roar's inspector data is presented in a Configuration.

For IT Glue, I feel we can get far more detailed and provide the whole story for cloud data storage services, similar to how M365 is reported in the Cloud Productivity flexible asset.

In our organization, we drive engineers into IT Glue instead of Roar. When important inspectors do not have a configuration / flexible asset, the burden is shifted to other personnel who have access to Roar.

  • Travis McMurry
  • Apr 14 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
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