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Watchguard Open Ports

It would be useful to monitor any ports which are opened to the internet and specify which ports you are looking for.

For example if someone had port 3389 open.

  • Scott Clark
  • Apr 12 2021
  • Already exists
Last Reviewed Date 2021-04-12
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  • Admin
    Addison Caldwell commented
    27 Apr 03:56pm

    Hello, all!

    This should be possible in Liongard, with the right Metrics. Here's one to add to your instance:

    • Network Discovery: Port 3389: Hosts[].Ports[?Port == `3389` && contains(Status, `open`)] [] | length(@)

    This Metric can be easily modified by replacing "3389" with any other port number. Then, you can create a Report auditing the status, open or closed, of ports that matter to you!

    Let our support team if you have any questions, or would like a variation of this Metric to meet your needs.

    Addison Caldwell, Product Analyst

  • Scott Clark commented
    12 Apr 01:59pm

    Other Examples could be:-