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New Inspector - Azure Backups

Azure backup is a great product but the alerting on it isnt -- it only sends alerts on failed backups so things like stalled backups or missed backups are a concern. We are looking into other products that have the functionality to monitor and report on this but it would be great if Liongard could because it would also help us populate IT Glue with backup schedules and information.

Is this something that aligns with what Liongard is designed for -- or could possible be planned for in the future?

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  • Apr 8 2021
  • Future Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-07-14
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  • Josh K commented
    2 Sep, 2021 11:06pm

    being able to see these Azure Backups would be great. Being able to link it to the storage used by the backups to report on that would also be helpful. Then we could set thresholds to identify if a backup gets out of hand for storage use.

  • Patrick Lenz commented
    11 May, 2021 06:56am
  • Patrick Louis-Jean commented
    12 Apr, 2021 11:55am

    This would be a great addition