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Allow running of cloud inspectors down to the hour (Microsoft 365 / Domain inspectors)

Cloud inspectors run a minimum of every 8 hours but..

Being able to detect changes to global admins, new external forwarding rules, change of mx records are all vital to detect changes early to minimise damages caused.

Being able to react quickly to security issues is vital.

Running inspectors every 8 hours is not good enough. It's not enough to get an alert after the damage is been done.

Please allow running of cloud inspectors, especially the Microsoft 365 and domain inspectors down to the hour.


  • Ian Waters
  • Mar 26 2021
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2022-09-30
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  • Brian Wells commented
    9 Aug, 2022 05:58pm

    This is a must-have for us. We are currently vetting other solutions that can provide (near) immediate alerting. Liongard having this feature, thus saving us from purchasing yet another tool, would be extremely beneficial!

  • Guest commented
    3 Aug, 2022 01:12pm

    I like this idea, but to be fair, Liongard isn't a SIEM. It's likely their backend infra will need a serious overhaul to make this happen.

  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2021 04:29pm

    100% support this - if any inspectors that related to security could be real time that would fill a big hole for us . As Ian has said 8 hours is too long .

  • Andrew Frielink commented
    18 May, 2021 10:46pm

    This is key, but would not be needed for all connectors. For price/performance purposes I would be ok with limiting this down to a few inspectors.

  • Preston Gant commented
    5 May, 2021 11:30pm

    I also agree with this, but a Real Time Reporting Inspector would be preferred. Additionally adding webhooks as a push mechanism to inform ticketing systems tied at the metrics level would add a true automation value.

  • Patrick Louis-Jean commented
    29 Mar, 2021 09:22am


  • Warren Pountain commented
    29 Mar, 2021 08:33am

    I totally agree with Troy, Ian. This is a great, much needed suggestion that gets my vote.

  • Guest commented
    26 Mar, 2021 05:00pm

    Much needed!

  • Guest commented
    26 Mar, 2021 04:45pm

    Great suggestion Ian - Liongard is our early-warning for changes in cloud, but the sooner we know, the better.