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Allow bundling or de-duplication of Roar's ConnectWise Configurations

Generate or allow for a mapping between a system in Roar and an existing configuration in ConnectWise. Either bundle the CW config that Roar lands to the existing config, or land Roar's data within the existing configuration rather than duplicating.

  • Matt Miller
  • Jun 1 2019
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration
Last Reviewed Date 2021-04-01
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  • Paul Walker commented
    12 Jan 01:17am

    Matching on serial would be nice.

  • Steve King commented
    22 Jul, 2019 07:03pm

    I am lacking votes, but being able to map Roar Types to EXISTING CW Manage Config Types would be ideal. Since the current method creates a new type with the questions needed for the extra Roar data, the UI could give us an option like "Select an existing type" where we then have to choose the existing Config Type which Roar would then add the questions that it needs.