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Configuration Change Alert - Show Differences

There's a good chance this applies to many devices where configuration changes are trackable. If so, I mean this to apply in the broadest sense.

In my case this has the most value for Network devices (ASA, IOS, Palo..)

The current alert metric allows us to see when changes are made, which is great. In order to identify what changed, we use the Liongard UI to visualize when the change occurred, then grab the config that changed and the one prior to it, then use something like Notepad++ to evaluate the before/after to see what changed.

It's a lot of steps.

It would save a tremendous amount of investigatory time & effort if the alert could diff the changes for us and send us the resulting ++ and --. Like how GitHub would do it.

  • Travis McMurry
  • Mar 8 2021
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing
Last Reviewed Date 2022-02-14
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